The Llaima Volcano which stands 10km away across the fields will impress you and then seduce you, as will the rivers which flow past the house. The house itself (la Ruka) is welcoming and intimate. It is set in a clearing in the forest and it is made in the traditional style with native wood from the surrounding forest, and decorated with bamboo. Unusual exotic birds which each play their roles in the spiritual life of the Mapuche people will accompany you on your walks through the forests.

Bring a tent if you would like to sleep outside with the spirits. Night and day you will enjoy the nature which surrounds.

Marta and Carlos are both native Mapuche speakers and will explain the culture of this indigenous people

Our project

On the short term, our activities will permit each Mapuche family to live on its land and to contribute to the preservation of the Mapuche culture. In collaboration with Online Casino Canada No Deposit Bonus Maple Leaf.

On the long term, the idea is sustainable development for our community.

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